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Appointment Cards


First Impressions count & your appointment card is your first chance to make a lasting impression. A high quality professionally designed premium appointment card will make you stand out from the competition. Appointment cards are a key component & time honoured way of reminding your clients and promoting your business and passing on your key personal contact details to prospective clients. They are very cost effective (especially when you shop with Merlin Press) promotional tool for any business from a local dentist appointment card to a Hospital appointment.

High Quality appointment cards printed full colour both sides on a smooth 400gsm Luxury white writeable board with a professional quality feel.


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At Merlin Press Ire, we have been designing and supplying Quality Printed Appointment Cards for companies and individuals all over Ireland since 1999. Our high quality Quality Printed Appointment Cards set the tone for your business, just as first impressions count they also create a lasting connection too. Whether you are an established business or a one person start up, a well laid out appointment card is a vital component in networking. Appointment Card can deliver high impressions at a low cost. They are a cost effective marketing tool. High quality appointment Cards are printed full colour both sides on a a smooth 350gsm white board.

Here are just a few tips for your Business card design

Card size – Generally appointment cards are 85mm x 55mm in size either landscape or portrait.
Keep it Simple – Less is more. Don’t Clutter you card up with logos or icons. It makes it harder to read.
Information – Think about the details required – Company name, Your Name, Your Title, Address, Phone Number, Mobile No, Email, Web, Tag line maybe include a QR code
Fonts / Typefaces – A nice clear clean typeface will set the tone. Keep the same typeface throughout your card and other stationery Letterheads, Comp slips etc.
Colour – Incorporate you business colour but keep it simple and readable.
Double sided – Use both sides of the card and if you only have enough information for one side repeat it on the reverse side.
We provide appointment Cards printing & design services, You’ll be amazed at our fast turnaround times. So, what are you waiting for? Get your business cards printed today.


Please phone 01-8020470 or email info@merlinpress.ie if you have any questions about this product.


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